Natural Beauty Secrets to Keep Skin Healthy and Young

It is a very overwhelming feeling when people praise you for your beautiful and glowing skin. It boosts your confidence in facing and talking to other people. It is even more heartwarming when you are seen as younger than your actual age. Another more flattering situation is when you pass by a group of people and they stopped on what they are doing and would stare with great awe to your beauty, immobilized like being hit a lot of times with air tazers.

If you want to own a beautiful and glowing skin, there is no need to worry if you do not have enough money because at your own home, you can achieve this goal. You do not have to spend a lot on buying pricey beauty products which can irritate your skin if not recommended by a dermatologist or undergo certain sessions or procedures that cost a lot of money. All you need to remember is follow the natural beauty tips that you can do even at your own home.

First of all, you have to balance your diet and eat the right kind of food. When you choose the food for your meal plans it is comparable when you buy air tazers. As you choose on the variety of this kind of product, you check the quality and the benefits that it can provide to you. That is why on the choice of foods, you must take note of the vitamins and minerals that you can get. More on fruits and vegetables, and a moderate amount of protein and carbohydrates can give you beautiful and healthy skin.

Drink plenty of water. The recommended intake of water a day is at least 8 glasses. If you are always moving and you sweat a lot then you better replenish with more on the fluids. Proper hydration can remove the toxins and waste in your body. When they are eliminated, it can add to your youthful glow.

Aside from proper hydration, another very helpful natural beauty secret is through daily exercise. Aerobic exercises can keep the cells in your body healthy. It can increase blood flow to the different organs especially your skin. When you feel healthy on the inside, you will also exude it on your outer beauty.

Another very important thing to remember daily is your personal hygiene. Take a bath every day and cleanse your skin. Don’t forget also to apply moisturizers and lotions so as not to keep your skin dry. Make sure to protect your skin from too much exposure to the sun and wear sunscreen or sun block for added protection.

If you have the determination to keep your skin healthy then you can really achieve it. If you will try to do the skin care tips mentioned above then you will be able to own and maintain a healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin. There is no need to use a lot of your money because there are healthy, safe and natural beauty secrets that you can just do at your own home.

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Natural Beauty Secrets – The Benefits of Natural Beauty

Could your skin benefit from an ancient Mediterranean beauty secret? The people from this breathtaking region of the world are known for their gorgeous complexions and beautiful hair. Is your face dull and dry? Would you like healthy, radiant skin? Wouldn’t it be great to have shiny hair and strong nails? You can have all this when you take advantage of this natural beauty secret. And you won’t need to travel to a far away land to reap the rewards. It could actually be as close as your kitchen cupboard.

So what is this special secret?

Olive oil! Yes, that’s right. This nutritious oil is not just for cooking. Read on to discover what this gift from nature can do for you.

Old Time Wisdom

The use of olive oil for the care of the skin goes back centuries. In fact, the exceptional value of this natural gem was first discovered over 5000 years ago… and it quickly became an essential component of skin care.

The Egyptians (imagine the legendary Cleopatra), Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans all took full advantage of the prized oil. Today, we observe the beautiful skin of Mediterranean women. Many claim their secret is the oil of this tiny fruit.

The use of this simple, natural “beauty secret” will…

* Promote a smooth, radiant complexion
* Help maintain skin elasticity
* Heal dry, brittle nails and soften cuticles
* Condition and add shine to hair

Skin Care… Straight From the Bottle!

When used by itself, the oil has a strong, distinct odor. If you can live with the scent, however, you can create simple, mini-beauty treatments such as these:

Bathing: For a moisturizing soak, add 1/4 cup of the oil and several drops of essential oil to your bathwater. Lavender essential oil is a good choice when you want to relax. (Be careful – the tub will be slippery!)

Dry Skin Care: Gently massage a small amount of the oil on extra dry areas such as elbows, knees, and heels.

Hand Care: Whip up a quick sugar scrub for rough, dry hands. Combine 2 tablespoons oil with 2 tablespoons sugar. Rub on hands thoroughly – until sugar begins to dissolve. Rinse with warm water. Voila! Silky-smooth hands.

Foot Care: Apply a liberal amount of oil to feet at bedtime. Cover with cotton socks. Not sexy… but oh-so-soft feet in the morning! The magic works for hands, too. Apply generously to hands and protect with white cotton gloves overnight (hmm… even less sexy).

Facial Treatment: Create a moisturizing facial mask with one tablespoon oil, one tablespoon honey, and one egg yolk. Beat until well blended and apply to face… then relax! Leave on face for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Nail Care: Warm a small dish of the oil (not too hot) with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Soak nails for 5- 10 minutes. This softens cuticles while it strengthens nails.

Hair Treatment: Create an effective treatment for dry hair by massaging several tablespoons of warm oil (again, not hot) into the scalp and hair. Cover with a shower cap or small plastic bag. Let this work its magic for 20-30 minutes. Shampoo as usual.

Dry, Chapped Lips: Alleviate chapped lips by applying a bit of pure oil… right from the bottle. This works especially well when used at bedtime.

Do you prefer ready made rather than homemade skin care? If so, you’re in luck! Click on olive oil skin care products. Discover luxurious soaps, natural body butters, and luscious moisturizing creams that are made using this ancient beauty ingredient. Find more natural beauty tips at

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Natural Beauty Secrets – The Benefits of Natural Beauty

Women all over the world are literally dying to know natural beauty secrets.The truth is, natural beauty secrets are not really all that secret. Everywhere a woman looks, she can find all natural ways to become someone that is truly beautiful.

A couple of the biggest beauty secrets entail nothing more than loving yourself for precisely who you are, including all of the imperfections whatever you may think they are.

There are so many benefits of natural beauty secrets. If you forget about what others think and make the decision to love yourself for exactly who you are,just the way you are and make an effort to do so daily, your self confidence will soar. Then you will be a happier person.

Everyone wants a better quality of life. For some women, they feel that if they just looked like that model or such-and-such celebrity, they would have everything they could possibly want and more. They feel that sort of beauty will open doors for them. In reality, while beauty might open a few doors, those doors will quickly be shut if you’re ugly on the inside.

The old saying,” beauty is only skin deep”, still holds true today.A woman who is dedicated to getting what she wants and feels she deserves will go much farther in this life than one who relies on her good looks alone.

Another benefit of the natural beauty secret is of being happy with who you are at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you only have yourself. If you don’t like yourself as a person, you can’t expect anyone else to like you, either. While some may immediately be drawn to you because of your perceived beauty, they will quickly leave once they realize how poisonous your personality is. You’ll wind up alone, with only a mirror for company.

Stop letting others dictate what you should wear, how you should look, or how you should act. Don’t let the media or advertising executives who don’t even know you tell you what to do with your life and body.Its up to you and you alone to make the choice as to what’s best for you. That is the real natural beauty secret.